Cersei Came to MAGDRL in March 2024 (6)

I’m Cersei, a regal dame of 8 years young, though I look as sprightly as a pup of 4! My coat boasts a stunning fawn hue, framing a majestic face that hints at my Mastiff heritage. Perhaps there’s a touch of extra Mastiff charm in me! My past is a mystery, having trotted through several foster homes before finding myself in my current cozy abode.

I’m a lover through and through, and oh, how I adore to lean! A faithful companion, I’ll stand guard with a gentle woof when visitors approach. Following your lead, I’ll wait patiently, ready to shower any newcomer with affectionate slobbers. At a majestic 135 lbs. and towering at 32 inches, I’m quite the sight to behold! And oh, how I revel in a good back scratch, leaning against you in pure bliss.

Recently, the vet took a peek at a pesky skin growth on my chest, assuring us it’s nothing to fret over. My foster family has promised to have it tended to before I find my forever home with you.

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