Lionel Came to MAGDRL in April 2023 (3)

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Lionel is a 5 year old dark merle neutered male with natural ears who was surrendered to MAGDRL from a shelter.  He had been brought up from the south from a shelter there and the local shelter felt he would do better in a breed specific rescue so Lionel came to us.  

Lionel was living in a foster home with 2 cats previous to coming to us and is currently in a foster home with a cat.  Lionel is doing great in his foster home and is a very affectionate boy.  He is very happy to meet and make new friends.  Lionel could use some work on commands and he needs leash work.  His foster mom is working on those things.  Lionel can be reactive when he sees other dogs but when tested with a female Dane he did eventually calm down and just wanted to sniff her all over.  Lionel is crate trained and travels well in the car.  He is trustworthy in the house. Lionel is very good with meeting children, he gets very happy and his tail wags his whole body when she sees them. We are unaware if he ever lived with children but he definitely likes them. 

Lionel would probably do best as an only dog, but may be able to live with a large female with slow integration. He sure is one handsome boy and as sweet as they come.  

Updated May 2023

Lionel has been in his foster home for several weeks and is doing great!  He is so loving and affectionate and tolerant of the pesky kitten who loves to chase his tail. We cannot believe he has had little interest, he will be such a loving and calm companion for someone. All he needs is someone to cuddle with and some exercise a couple of times per day.  He can use some work on his leash manners but is very manageable for anyone with Dane experience.  Dane lovers, you are missing out if you pass up this boy!

Updated June 2023

Lionel is now living on an active horse farm with a very senior female Dane.  He was VERY excited to meet everyone, and he still has not figured out the horses are not other dogs!  HE WANTS TO PLAY!  He play bows and talks to them thru the fence, and doesn’t understand why they don’t bow back to him!  He is very respectful with our senior female Dane, and when she runs out of energy to play, he will lie down and continue to encourage her to do a little more! 

The foster home continues to work on Lionel’s leash manners.  Lionel LOVES being included in any and every outing, that he sometimes gets so excited and forgets his leash manners.  The foster home is consistent with reminding him how to walk on a leash, and this will be something an adopter will need to be on board to do.  Lionel does have a very high prey drive, and if he see’s something he wants to chase, the person at the end of the leash needs to be ready as Lionel is a big boy!  Due to his prey drive any home that adopts Lionel should have at least a 5 foot fence.

Lionel is a VERY active guy who would love to be a part of an active family!  He sits for the leash to be installed but can hardly contain his excitement for any adventure that might come his way!!!  And if the CAR is involved?!!  WOO HOO!  Best Day Ever!  He loves a ride in the car with his family, and whatever the family might do, Lionel is happy to be a part!  He LOVES to cuddle, and if you hit the right spot under his chin or on his belly when you are petting him he grunts like pig!  Its so adorable! 

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