LJ Came to MAGDRL in October 2023 (5)

Hi !  I’m L J – I was too young when they named me, so I’m not really sure what L J stands for. I’m a 4 year old Mantle (they say I’m a very handsome big boy). Recently, I led a pretty slow-paced life on a big, quiet farm. I do love walks and car rides. No hikes yet, but I might be persuaded. I used to be a rather heavy boy… ok maybe even too heavy (over 160), but I’m getting down to the right weight of 150-155 lbs.  With my long 45-60 min walks 2-3 times a day, I’m shedding the fat and putting on some solid muscle.  No running around except for infrequent zoomies, and I don’t play with any toys, balls, sticks, or stuffed animals – that’s just childish. But I do like the occasional yummy bone.

I’m looking for a very mellow, stable, quiet home preferably without other dogs but with parents who will love me and just let me hang around with them. I do love getting pets, and belly rubs are absolutely the best.  I’m definitely not a fan of little kids – they are too loud and often move around too fast for my taste. I like to be around my people, but fairly often I’ll head off to be alone for a few hours on one of my many beds, comforters or blankets strategically placed around the house.  I might consider getting up on couches and beds eventually, but so far that hasn’t been a big interest of mine, so I’m good just laying around on the floor.  I am crate trained, but prefer free roam of the house.  And to prove that you need not worry, I don’t ever get into anything I should not, I’m not destructive, and I very much behave myself when I’m alone.

Strangely, I feel the strong need to meet just about every dog I come across.  I’m big and pretty imposing so sometimes that’s not something the other dog (or owner) wants…. But I almost can’t help myself – I’ll pull pretty hard to go meet ‘em. You have to be very strong to hold me back when I get that overwhelming urge.  A very stern “leave it” can get my attention and I’ll listen, but not always.  Trust me, I’m working on that, but its taking me some time.  It’s kind of the same thing when I’m in the car out for a ride.  Sometimes, but not always I just get that desire and it comes over me like a tidal wave. I’ll bark and go a little nuts when I see a dog walking on the sidewalk.  I try to be good, but (again) not always.  I do like doggy day care, but mostly for the people.  Other dogs are ok I guess, but I get the rubs from the people.  Love that !

I am pretty proud of my behavior with other small animals like cats, squirrels, rabbits and birds. I’m curious but will not chase, not bark, and not lunge toward any of them. I am ok being introduced to people, and I’ll tell you how I feel with my tail (like between legs not too comfortable / wagging they get the thumbs up). And when I’m super happy, look out…. No seriously Look Out. This big tail of mine gets going and pulls my whole backend around like I’m a helicopter trying to take off or something.  

I am not too talkative.  I rarely bark and when I do its just a couple barks to let you know I see or hear something that you need to know about, then I give a couple subdued barks until things quiet down. I’m not food aggressive, but I do like healthy treats – no table scraps for me. And I’m really not a veggie or fruit guy.

I walk extremely well on a leash, typically close to my human friends and in a straight line, no unsignaled turns or stops for me – that can be dangerous.  I know basic commands like sit, down, and stay and I am totally house broken.  I prefer going out first thing in the morning usually do #1 and #2 right around walk and feeding time. If I just can’t wait, I will wake my humans up to let them know I have to go out right away. Strangely, I’m almost like a kid and have to be convinced to go and do my business sometimes – but my human family knows best and I just need the encouragement sometimes.

I’m told that I’m a loveable big teddy bear (whatever that is). 

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