Rescues In Need

This page showcases different dogs that are currently with MAGDRL and are receiving treatment and training to help them overcome the abuse and neglect they have suffered before finding their way to us. Each of these dogs deserves a chance and our dedicated volunteers are working to save their lives.

We are accepting donations to help defray the medical bills of our Rescues in Need. Thank you for caring.

Ranger is a Rescue in Need

January 2023

Ranger was recently moved from a VA foster home to NJ and unfortunately Ranger bloated in his second week there. It was identified immediately and he was rushed to a Veterinary Hospital, a state of the art 24 hour emergency facility. Although the bloat was identified and he was taken immediately for surgery, Ranger suffered the complications we sometimes see after a bloat and torsion of the stomach.

Ranger made it through the surgery well, and was alert in recovery shortly after. Ranger had complications of prolonged clotting time or “coagulopathy” and was treated with several transfusions of blood products over the course of several days. He also was showing some cardiac arrhythmias and these were treated with cardiac medications.  In addition. after surgery, he developed pancreatitis, gastroenteritis and peritonitis, all things that we may see after a bloat surgery.

The critical care team had Ranger on round the clock monitoring, IV fluids and medications and a naso-gastric tube from his nose to his stomach for tube feedings and aspiration of fluid and air that continued to collect in his stomach.

Slowly over the course of about a week and a half, Ranger kept improving.
Ranger was such a fighter and trouper through it all and became an ICU favorite at the Vet Hospital, he was given free roam in the unit and liked to visit all of the critical team as they worked or sat at their computers to chart their notes. He has become a mascot there, he is so very special and sweet, anyone who meets him just falls in love with him.

Ranger has steadily improved from being a very very sick boy to being almost ready for discharge to his foster home. MAGDRL did not give up on him because he continued to show signs that he was going to get through his illness despite having a few setbacks along the way.

We are so proud of Ranger and the progress he has made. But of course the ICU bill at the Vet Hospital is very very high. Any donations towards Ranger’s care or other special needs orphans are greatly appreciated.
We look forward to Ranger’s continued recovery in his foster home and hopefully soon he will be ready to go to his forever home.


Update February 2023

Ranger has been safely recovering and blossoming back to health in his foster home for about 2 weeks now.

His bloodwork is all almost entirely back to normal.  He is no longer accumulating air or fluid in his stomach or intestines.  His incision is almost entirely closed and has no more drainage and he is off of all medications.  Ranger is also eating like a champ and feeling better and better every day.  His activity has been gradually increased over time and Ranger loves his walks. Ranger is best friends with his foster sister, who is a large female mixed breed with a matched energy level to his.  But sometimes Ranger likes to get her riled up to play and then suddenly has enough and walks away, his foster mom calls him “the instigator”.  Ranger loves the cat in his foster home although sometimes he loves a little too much, fortunately the cat lets him know when he’s crossing the line and Ranger is respectful and backs off with the hissing and swatting of a cat who has reached her tolerance limit. 

Ranger will countersurf if given the chance so if not supervised, he is crated.  No food is left out unattended or Ranger will take the opportunity to steal if it presents itself. Ranger does very well in his crate when his foster family is working. He does sleep on his own bed in his foster mom’s room at night. 

Ranger is a true velcro Dane, and that is no exaggeration.  Ranger needs to be near his people at all times and touching them and being petted as much as possible.  Ranger never lets you doubt how much he loves you.  He is such a character. 


Update February 2023 (continued)

Ranger will need a home that will give him all the love and attention he seeks while gently setting the boundaries necessary to not let him take over. Ranger does respond to light correction, a stern “Ranger” does get his attention and he will listen to his leader.

Ranger knows his commands.  He will need someone to continue to work with him for him to be the best boy he can be and he really wants to please.  

Ranger’s health journey is truly amazing, he is a miracle dog, he was on death’s door but with his determination to recover and the fabulous medical attention he received, he defied all the odds. 

Ranger is still a Dane in need, his hospital bill was quite high, but he is almost ready to go to his forever home, so applications for Ranger’s adoption will be reviewed.

Ranger is going to make someone a wonderful loving companion, he is an awesome boy with such a winning personality!

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