Ways to Donate

MAGDRL offers a variety of ways for your donation to help our many Great Dane orphans. Become a member, donate in memory of a loved one, honor a special friend, etc.

Information for mailing donations, instead of using PayPal, can be found at the bottom of this page. Please be sure to specify what the donation is for (i.e. membership, memorial, general donation, etc.)

For any questions pertaining to donations, please contact our Treasurer at treasurer@magdrl.org.

General and Memorial Donations
Annual Membership

Other Donation Ideas

In Lieu of Flowers (for Funerals or Memorials)

Please see below for suggested text for placement in obituaries or memorial program use. You will fill in the blanks with your family and loved one’s name and bring it with you to the funeral director, who will then place it at the end of the obituary. Or for memorial use, feel free to place this in your memorial program.

In lieu of flowers, the family of ______ requests your consideration in donating to The Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League, Inc., PO Box 141, Pine Beach, NJ 08741 in honor of ______.

Getting Married? In Lieu of Wedding Favors

Consider donating to MAGDRL on your special day. Click here for a downloadable, printable suggestion for letting your very special guests know that you have included the Danes of MAGDRL in your very special day.

Support MAGDRL with a Planned Gift

Here are some of the ways you can help support the Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League. In additional to making a difference in the life of our beautiful animals, you may benefit from income and capital gains tax savings when you establish a planned gift.


Bequests naming MAGDRL in your will can be a financially responsible way to make a special gift that otherwise may not be possible during your lifetime. Bequests can be designated or unrestricted in any amount.

  • A specific bequest directs charity to receive a specific piece of property
  • A general bequest directs charity to receive a specified dollar amount
  • A residual bequest designates all or a portion of what remains after expenses are paid
  • A contingent bequest in effect only if the primary intention cannot be met

Please see your estate planning lawyer for the details on correctly setting up a bequest.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

Under a Charitable Remainder Trust, the charitable beneficiary receives the remainder interest. It provides financial and estate planning flexibility. Donor transfers property under a trust agreement that specifies how trust income and principal are to be distributed. Trust may be created to become effective during life or at death. An irrevocable trust qualifies for tax consideration if it is in two forms:

  • Charitable Remainder Unitrust- provides for payment to the beneficiaries of an amount that may vary. Payment must equal a fixed percentage of the net fair-market value of the trust. Donor determines the fixed percentage, must be at least 5% of the value of the trust assets. Payments made at least annually.
  • Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust- instead of a payout that may vary, the annuity trust provides a fixed payout of not less than 5% of the initial fair-market value of the gift in trust. Makes it suitable for a beneficiary who needs the security of a specific income.

Retirement Funds (IRA) Donors can direct their retirement funds and IRAs in support of the MAGDRL. This designation often allows the donor to make a considerable legacy gift. Careful planning is necessary in the use of IRAs and other retirement plans to fund charitable gifts.

Please see your financial planner and estate planning lawyer for the details on correctly setting up a charitable remainder trust.

Mailing Donations

Please mail donations to:

PO Box 141
Pine Beach, NJ 08741

Thank You

Thank you for donating to MAGDRL. MAGDRL complies with federal non-discrimination policy in applicable areas.

All donations made will go toward the expenses for all the dogs in MAGDRL’s care.

MAGDRL is a 501(c)3 charity, and donations to MAGDRL are tax deductible. 52-1177018